Pet Accidents Happen

Here’s How To Clean and Eliminate the Smell When They Do

Pets mean so much to us. They’re our loyal companions, our protectors, and our best friends. They help us get through bad days and are there to celebrate good ones with us. Every pet owner knows that with all the good that pets bring to our lives, you’re bound to have to deal with some unfortunate pet accidents along the way. No one likes cleaning up pet stains and odors, but it’s just one small part of taking care of your furry friend.

puppy training

The most common causes of pet accidents include:

  1. Puppy training. If you’ve ever had a new puppy in your home, you know that accidents are inevitable. Most puppies can’t be fully house trained until they’re six months old, so accidents are simply not their fault!
  2. Irregular schedule. If your pet isn’t getting to go outside enough during the day or night, they’re going to have to go to the bathroom somewhere. You can prevent future accidents by learning your pet’s needs and establishing a regular schedule that accommodates them.
  3. Returning to the scene of the crime. Once one accident happens, dogs are more likely to return to the same spot and urinate there again. They have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and they can track the scent of urine back to the site of the original accident and will want to mark their territory there again.
  4. Health or diet problem. If your pet has started having accidents in the house all of a sudden, it’s a good idea to take them to the vet to make sure there’s nothing wrong with their health. Or, if you’ve changed your pet’s diet recently, that may be the cause of the accidents.

When pet accidents happen, it’s crucial that you start the cleanup process as soon as you notice the accident. The longer you leave pet urine on your carpets, rugs, or upholstery, the more it will crystalize and embed itself within the fibers of the fabric. Use an odor eliminating cleanser and paper towels or cleaning rag and blot the urine out as much as possible.

It’s vitally important that you do not rub the urine into the carpet. This will only further embed the smell and stain. Gently soak up as much liquid as possible and pat with a cloth or paper towel soaked in a cleanser.

If you’re not sure where the pet odors in your home are coming from, you can use a blacklight to discover and old stains or find spots that haven’t been addressed yet. The phosphorous in the urine will make it glow yellow-green under the blacklight. Handheld blacklights are usually cheap and easy to find and discovering the source of the persistent pet odor in your home will be well worth the money.

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